Audits and Assessments

A comprehensive review and analysis of HR functions and operations is conducted, including functions such as hiring practices, benefit and payroll administration, workplace safety, orientation/onboarding systems, records management and assessment of HR practices and policies.  Recommendations are provided to provides both efficiency and compliance with federal, state and local requirements.


Development of Performance Appraisal Systems

Custom performance appraisal systems are developed to fit the needs of the municipality.  Objectives of systems typically include the development of forms with rating systems and guidelines for administering the system.  Factors to be evaluated are developed with input from the town.  Goals and objectives may also be included in the appraisal system.  The appraisal system can be developed to be utilized as a tool to communicate employee performance and may be associated with pay-for-performance if desired.  Training is provided on the system to both employees and supervisors which is critical to maintaining an effective system.

ICMA E-Book recently released discusses many methods in performance appraisal. Performance Appraisal Fundamentals:  A Quick guide to Fair, Consistent and Useful Performance Appraisals  Authors:  Carol Granfield and Sandy Stapczynski


Employee Handbooks; Personnel Policies and Procedures

Personnel policies and procedures are reviewed and updated, or new policies are written to comply with local, state and federal regulations.  Employee handbooks are prepared to reflect all information that is necessary to be included in the document.  Procedures are developed for issuance and updating of policies and handbooks.


Training and Mentoring

Our experienced senior advisors are able to draw upon their extensive experience to provide ongoing financial, administrative, and management support, advice and counsel to Department Heads or other staff operating in municipalities and school districts.

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