Interim and Long-Term Assignments

The departure of a key department head of staff member can disrupt the functions and operations of any agency. Today, municipal governments face the same tight labor pool as their private-sector counterparts. In the present job market, the recruitment and selection of a replacement can take weeks or months, delaying progress and placing a tremendous burden on the remaining staff. Municipal Resources, Inc. can provide experienced temporary staffing to municipal governments and school districts when they need it most! Instead of feeling rushed to make a snap decision concerning a possible long-term employee, the provision of interim staffing assistance- whether for one month or one year- can mean that services continue uninterrupted while efforts to fill vacant positions proceed in a normal manner. Municipal Resources, Inc. can provide temporary staffing for the following positions:

  • Town Manager / Town Administrator
  • City Manager
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Human Resources Director
  • Public Works Director
  • Finance Director
  • Bookkeeper
  • Code Enforcement/Building Inspector
  • School Business Officials
  • Chief Assessor
  • Planner

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Recent Projects:

  • Interim City Manager - Claremont, NH (2017)
  • Interim Town Manager - Jaffrey, NH (2016)
  • Interim Finance Director, Amherst, N (2017) 
  • Interim Public Works Director - Belmont, NH (2017)
  • Interim HR Director - Londonderry, NH (2017)
  • Interim Building Inspector - Hollis, NH (2017)
  • Interim Police Manager - Thornton, NH (2017)
  • Interim Finance Director - Hartford, VT (2016)
  • Interim Fire Manager - Hopkinton, NH (2016)
  • Interim Town Administrator - Derry, NH (2016)
  • Interim Town Manager - Kittery, NH (2016)

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