Wage and Classification Studies

Our wage and classification studies are enhanced through a strategic alliance between Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) and Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) allowing us to leverage the resources and experience of two highly respected firms in New England.


Our proven and flexible methodologies on compensation, classification, benefits, position rating system, performance evaluation systems, related tools, and guidelines have been developed and enhanced jointly by MRI and HRS. Our Pay and Classification System:

  • Has been widely used in communities throughout New England and is legally tested and valid.
  • Is nationally recognized through ICMA’s leading HR publication and guidebook, Human Resource Management in Local Government: An Essential Guide, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions.

Point Factor Rating System

We use a point-factor rating system to evaluate the positions in the study.

  • Weighted factors cover work environment, responsibility, complexity, education/training/experience, accountability, judgment, physical requirements, and supervision.
  • The rating process helps determine comparable worth rankings within the Town’s workforce.
  • They are used in conjunction with the comparable salary/wage data to prepare the Compensation and Classification Plans.

Our Approach

Our approach includes three steps:

  1. Position Analysis – a careful and thorough review and understanding of the work
  2. Position Description – a written record of the important activities and requirements of the work
  3. Position Evaluation – a method of evaluating the information that has been collected to determine the position’s relative worth within the organization.

Recommendations will be Specific, Practical, and Cost Conscious

Municipal Resources, Inc. will work to understand each community. We know that what may be right for one Town may not be right for another. MRI will:

  • Take into consideration the political, economic, and functional implications of its recommendations.
  • Ensure that recommendations are fully capable of being implemented.
  • Provide ample opportunity to review our work and to offer feedback before we deliver the final product. We are politically savvy and understand how to operate within a local political context.
  • Prepare an estimate of the minimum cost of implementation of the study’s results. The final report will also include specific options for implementation and for future maintenance. 

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