Campus Safety Planning

MRI’s Public Safety team has significant first hand experience in providing public safety in the educational environment. Our advisors understand and appreciate that educational institutions have a responsibility to provide an open and diverse atmosphere, conducive to education and social interaction while ensuring the safety and security of students and visitors alike.

We are critically aware of and sensitive to the delicate balance required to provide security, safety and law enforcement services in this unique setting, We believe that a thoughtful, integrated and collaborative public safety plan contributes to the sense of safety and security, enhances the educational experience and is mindful & respectful of the rights and responsibilities of all those involved.

We also know that a comprehensive and understandable Crisis Response Plan can make all the difference when the unthinkable happens.

We routinely work with educational institutions and their host communities to ensure that their campus safety plans and approach are adapted to their unique circumstances and incorporate best industry practices.

MRI can provide your institution with seasoned guidance and workable recommendations pertaining to virtually any aspect of campus emergency preparedness.

We can:

  • Help ensure that you have a clear, understandable Emergency Management Plan that employs an “all hazards approach.”
    • Help you communicate the plan throughout the organization and support training and practice exercises
  • Facilitate the tough discussions:
    • What about arming personnel?
    • Is this a “police” department or a "security” force?
    • Enforcement VS Service – are you doing both well?
    • What’s the right governance model to ensure sensitivity & security?
  • Help determine the following:
    • Is your Crisis Plan adequate and up to date?
    • Do you have a strategic plan? Is it followed?
    • Do you engage in Prevention activities
  • Prepare and implement practice exercises
  • Help with Recruitment, Promotion & Team Building

Please contact us with any questions.

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